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Below are the best work at home opportunities we have found. Based on consumer feedback as well as our own investigations (including searching all business bureau databases) we have compiled a list of the best work at home opportunities. Next to each entry is our composite rating, on a scale of 0 to 100. Returns listed are averages based on our research. Some will make more, others less. Simply click on each company's name to be transported to their website.

5 Best Work At Home Opportunities

Name: The Training Company
Rating: 97
Average Investment: $199
Average Yearly Return: $82,000
Summary: This well established correspondence school offers a 2-day downloadable video course that trains students to work online for Fortune 500 companies. The work is as simple as assembling articles from available sources and posting them on the web according to the course instructions. We were suspicious of this opportunity and thought it sounded too good to be true until we spoke with a number of graduates. Those involved were more than satisfied with their earnings. We were pleased to see that The Training Company is a Business Bureau member with an "A" rating.

Name: Avon
Rating: 94
Average Investment: $400
Average Yearly Return: $15,000
Summary: Avon is a household name and it makes it easy to get your foot in the door when you are selling it. This opportunity is great for people who like to sell and enjoy sharing cosmetic products with other people. While some customers may be wiling to come to your home for sales demonstrations, you will have to spend at least part of your time making outside sales calls to be successful in this opportunity. Most of the participants we spoke with had a positive experience with the company. Although Avon is a Business Bureau member, over 50 complaints have been lodged against Avon over the last three years, albeit all were satisfactorily resolved.

Name: Tupperware
Rating: 92
Average Investment: $300
Average Yearly Return: $12,000
Summary: Tupperware has been around for years and people are still making money by giving Tupperware parties in their homes. Tupperware's product line has changed with the times and it remains relevant. This opportunity is great for those who enjoy entertaining in their home. Expect it to take at least a year before your income is significant. Both our interviews with Tupperware participants and our review of Business Bureau records were quite positive.

Name: Multipure Water Filters
Rating: 90
Average Investment: $600
Average Yearly Return: $18,000
Summary: As more and more people become aware of the dangers in ordinary tap water, water filtration is a growing industry. This opportunity allows you to make money at home by introducing others to the advantages of multipure water filters. You can sell by telephone from home, targeting both individuals and businesses. It helps if you are somewhat technically inclined, so that you can explain the ins and outs of the various filtration systems. Participants rated this opportunity highly overall, though some were disappointed with their earnings. Business Bureau records revealed no complaints over the last three years.

Name: Right At Home Senior Care
Rating: 88
Average Investment: $40,000
Average Yearly Return: $100,000
Summary: For those you can afford this opportunity, it is an excellent way to tap into the growing market for senior care. Those who get in early have a real advantage. Here is a business you can operate from home and feel really good about, too. Those who were able to afford this opportunity spoke glowingly of their experience with the company. No complaints show up on Business Bureau records for this company over the last three years.


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