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Below are the worst MLM opportunities we have uncovered. Based on consumer feedback as well as our own investigations (including searching all business bureau databases) we have compiled a list of the MLMs we recommend people stay far away from. Next to each entry is our composite rating, on a scale of 0 to 100. Simply click on each company's name to be transported to their website.

Worst MLM Scams

Name: Primerica
Rating: 0
Initial Investment: $1500
Average Return: $0
Summary: Victims of this MLM scam attest that they have been recruited through companies like only to find themselves swindled out of hundreds of dollars. This company is under investigation by both the FTC and SEC.

Name: Cydcor
Rating: 0
Initial Investment: $1000
Average Return: $0
Summary: Although this MLM is represented as an actual career opportunity, respondents tell us they end up living paycheck to paycheck until they realize they have been scammed. Our investigation reveals this may be nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Name: Scentura
Rating: 0
Initial Investment: $750
Average Return: $0
Summary: This company advertises for managers with a $52K+ salaray, as a way of luring prospective candidates. After filling out an application and being interviewed, applicants are hard sold into joining the organization. Fabulous vacations and incredible earnings are promised.

Name: Bioperformance Fuel
Rating: 0
Initial Investment: $500
Average Return: $0
Summary: Recent recruits of this MLM say that this company is built on a product which was essentially stolen from another firm. A patent infringement lawsuit is likely to shut this company down in the near future, leaving innocent participants holding the bag.


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