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The mission of the Consumer Advocacy Group is to provide consumers with the maximum protection from fraudulent and misleading advertising and sales practices.

We pride ourselves on going one step beyond the work of the nation's Business Bureaus. As you may know, the Business Bureaus are underfunded and can be very slow moving. They rely on memberships and fees from companies who choose to participate. That means that a member company who responds quickly to complaints can effectively shield its behavior, while other companies choose not to pay the Business Bureaus and are not appropriately represented.

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is the best way to choose a company, and we feel we have created a virtual word of mouth community, where everybody can share their experiences and help one another.

We are constantly looking for more effective ways to shield consumers from scams and to direct you to legitimate companies that deserve recognition for the good work they are doing in helping average people improve their financial situations.


Our Methodology

We focus on the three areas where consumers stand to receive the greatest financial benefit if companies are legitimate, and the greatest loss when they are not: Credit Repair Agencies, Multilevel Marketing Companies and Work At Home Opportunities.

We use a three step approach to identifying those companies that ought to be avoided, as well as those companies that deserve your business:

1. We act on information supplied by the community at large
2. We conduct our own investigations
3. We conduct telephone follow up interviews with consumers

How You Can Help

Fighting scams is everybody's business. Those who remain silent simply allow perpetrators to go unpunished. The best thing you can do when you feel you are wronged and have not been able to receive satisfaction from the merchant or agency you have been dealing with is to file a complaint. In addition to giving yourself the best chance to receive redress from those who may have wronged you, it helps in educating the community and thereby saving others from similar mishaps.




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