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Below are the best credit repair companies we have found. Based on consumer feedback as well as our own investigations (including searching all business bureau databases) we have compiled a list of the best credit repair companies. Next to each entry is our composite rating, on a scale of 0 to 100. Simply click on each company's name to be transported to their website.

5 Best Credit Repair Companies

Name: Credit Repair Law Firm
Rating: 98
Average Investment: $1,500
Summary: This company is a Business Bureau members with a spotless record. Kevin Hagen is well respected in the credit repair community, and he has helped countless individuals improve their credit scores. Lots of one-on-one attention is provided and clients of this firm have nothing but raves for the service they have received.

Name: Avalon Settlement & Credit Repair
Rating: 96
Average Investment: $1,200
Summary: This mom-and-pop sized firm is a Business Bureau member that specializes in superior customer service. Clients report being very pleased with the work performed. Extremely detail oriented.

Name: Credit Repair Advisors
Rating: 92
Average Investment: $800
Summary: This company is not a Business Bureau member; however, no complaints could be found on their performance. Clients that we interviewed gave this company high marks. Credit scores were raised in most cases.

Name: Trinity Credit Services
Rating: 89
Average Investment: $600
Summary: Not a Business Bureau member. No complaints found upon searching internet databases. This medium sized firm prides itself on speed and accuracy in resolving credit issues.

Name: Fowler & Fowler
Rating: 87
Average Investment: $650
Summary: Fowler and Fowler offers a free online evaluation. This company is a Business Bureau member; however, they have a history of complaints. Since their relatively small number of complaints have been resolved, we have included them on the list but cannot recommend them as highly as other firms.


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